SCPA CAMPAN & TIMONEAEnforcement Proceedings

SCPA Campan & Timonea provides legal assistance services, prepares applications, appeals in enforcement proceedings, and represents clients in the enforcement phase of court judgments or other enforceable titles, as well as in the approval action of the forced execution of various titles.

The enforcement procedure is mandated to contribute to the rights of creditors recognized by an enforceable document presented for enforcement in the manner established by law.

Legally, enforcement proceedings are governed by the principle of availability, and consequently, enforcement typically begins only at the request of the creditor.

For Creditors

The assistance provided by SCPA Campan & Timonea includes legal consultation and representation of creditors’ interests to enforce their rights in all phases provided by law.

In other words, we represent the creditor, including before enforcement authorities, to enforce the rights established through specific documentation and insist through debtor tracking procedures.

For Debtors

The assistance also involves monitoring enforcement orders, procedures, and measures established illegally or unfounded against them to protect their business, property, or other assets. We also help identify the best way to settle obligations in all stages of enforcement.

Additionally, we offer assistance in consolidating separate enforcement procedures in the same file when they target the same individuals and assets, as well as assistance in recovering the execution costs incurred by creditors.