Both employers and employees may find it necessary to consult with specialized labor law attorneys. If you are an employee, consider discussing with a labor law attorney from our team if:

  • You need to file a lawsuit against your employer.
  • You need to negotiate the terms of the contract during a labor strike.
  • Your employer has terminated you for unreasonable reasons.
  • Your employer refuses to provide you with a severance package.

If you are an employer, consider discussing with an attorney from our team specializing in labor law if:

  • You have reason to believe that your employees are planning to go on strike. You intend to terminate an employee who is a member of a union.
  • A representative from a government agency has visited your company or contacted you for more information about an incident.
  • An employee has filed or threatened to file a lawsuit accusing your business of hazardous working conditions,
  • wrongful termination, or any other form of mistreatment or discrimination.