Bureaucratic work for buying or building a house. Building permits and zoning regulations apply to new construction. Contracts and agreements formalize property transactions. Legal requirements


Urban planning, as outlined in Law no. 350/2001, the framework law on urban planning, aims to guide the complex evolution of localities through the development and implementation of spatial, sustainable, and integrated development strategies in the short, medium, and long term. Additionally, Law no. 50/1991 establishes the norms and procedures for obtaining construction or demolition permits.

Our team assists all parties involved in legal proceedings related to urban planning, in disputes regarding the legality of:

  • Administrative acts with normative character in urban planning matters (council decisions, general urban plans, zonal urban plans, and detailed urban plans),
  • Administrative acts preceding the issuance of building permits,
  • Urban planning certificates,
  • Building permits,
  • Demolition of constructions.
  • We provide legal assistance and representation in lawsuits aimed at annulling council decisions, revoking building permits, or urban planning certificates.